BRAVE BETTY is a one-of-a-kind bra with a secret security pocket!

BB_13765_finalBBRAVE BETTY helps you keep your passport and valuables safe when you don’t need immediate access to them. For example, when travelling via train or bus. Staying in hostels, guest houses or when hanging out with new found friends.

Pick pockets and thieves know all the tricks of trade – and a female traveller needs to be prepared! This is the reality of travel as a woman. It is nothing to fear, but rather, one should prepare!

Are you planning a trip somewhere exotic or perhaps a
place that takes you from one destination to another? Whatever you’re planning, BRAVE BETTY will be there to keep your valuables safe!

BRAVE BETTY: Every Travelling Girl’s MUST HAVE Travel Companion

Which vacation sounds the most appealing to you?

  • A museum hopping trip in Europe
  • Hiking the Inca Trail
  • Traveling with a group of friends to South East Asia
  • Your first solo trip to your chosen bucket list destination
  • A year long trip where you backpack around the world
  • An adventurous semester as an exchange student
  • Attending weekend music festivals

2011_11_ Vietnam 1982The world has unlimited possibilities waiting for you!

Regardless of which adventure your heart desires, some situations or destinations will require extra security for your personal documents, banking, credit cards and cash. Many people use travel belts, but thieves know all about them.

BRAVE BETTY provides you with a safer option – a less obvious and more secure option. It will keep important items safe and out of sight when they aren’t needed immediately.

The BRAVE BETTY Bra is a smart travel investment.

BRAVE BETTY’s come in basic colours – black or white. They look like a regular bra which won’t draw attention to yourself or your documents.

A one-of-a-kind bra design for adventurous girls and daring women!

  • BB_13891_finalFirst of it’s kind – The BRAVE BETTY design is unique
  • Comfortable and safe – items lay flat on your back, not poking into you and /or creating unnatural shapes
  • Racer back styling provides ease of movement
  • Moisture wicking fabric, enclosed seams and no tags = comfort!
  • Double paneled fabric provides a more secure fit
  • Multi-purpose design. Versatile as a regular sports bra for yoga practice or other light athletic activities

Your valuables are safe with BRAVE BETTY! Designed for comfort. BRAVE BETTY is every girl’s perfect Travel Buddy.

  • Brave_bettyInner security pocket comfortably stores money, passport and credit cards
  • Valuables lay flat & hidden on your back, without bulk
  • The cheapest insurance you’ll find
  • Compression fit most suitable for A, B and C cup support
  • 92% polyester and 8% spandex for quick drying & recovery
  • BB_13692_finalMoisture wicking fabric helps to keep you dry
  • Wire, hook & tag free
  • Classic pull over style
  • Racer back styling allows freedom of movement and easy layering
  • 4 way stretch fabric
  • Comfortable for low to medium impact activities such as walking, yoga or cycling
  • Proudly made in Canada

BRAVE BETTY gives you confidence that your valuables are safe so you can enjoy your adventures!

~Travel with confidence. Travel with BRAVE BETTY~

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**Black or white / Size S(34) M(36) L(38)

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“Every travelling female should have a BRAVE BETTY!”

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“Fits great, very comfortable with discreet pocket. Perfect for my travels”

“BRAVE BETTY is a must have for any woman travelling alone!”

“Backpacking and solo travel can be stressful. Purchasing BRAVE BETTY was like taking a massive weight off my shoulders.”

“I am in love! BRAVE BETTY is such a great idea!”

“I wear my BRAVE BETTY to yoga everyday.”

The world’s number one travel bra. A bra for brave girls and daring women.


~Travel with confidence. Travel with BRAVE BETTY.~

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 *Please tell us what colour and size of bra you would like.

**Black or white / Size S(34) M(36) L(38)