In an era of increased globalization, the need for varied coverage of gendered topics is critical to a free and representative press. The International Women’s Media Network is offering a global travel grant to journalist to cover such issues. These grants will be a catalyst for reporting on untold stories surrounding issues that impact women and girls’ daily lives worldwide. The IWMF unleashes the potential of women journalists as champions of press freedom to transform the global news media.

Women journalists worldwide are fully supported, protected, recognized and rewarded for their vital contributions at all levels of the news media. As a result, consumers increase their demand for news with a diversity of voices, stories and perspectives as a cornerstone of democracy and free expression.

The IWMF currently serves as Deputy General Secretary of UNESCO’s Global Alliance on Media and Gender.

Awards and Benefits

These grants provide opportunities for women journalists to pursue international stories of importance through gender-sensitive coverage of underreported topics.
Grants will average $5,000 USD.
Grants will be awarded to cover reporting-related costs including travel (flights, ground transportation, drivers), logistics, visa fees, and payment for fixers/translators.
For more information visit the IWMF website.

As Posted by Internationality Apr 24, 2017 Global, Opportunities in Media, Scholarships

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