by Anju Anna Alex

Women have been travelling more than ever, overcoming the long-drawn history of systemic prejudice and gender bias, with both inbound and outbound tourism witnessing accelerated growth. Women are earning more and therefore spending more. This is dynamically changing the travel landscape; the potential of the women’s market surpassed $19 trillion in 2015 given that 80% of travel decisions are made by women.

The concept of women travelling solo and in women-only groups is an emerging trend. High purchasing power that comes with increased financial independence and freedom to take decisions independently has accorded to the rise of the modern female traveller. This can be construed as flexibility to take one’s own financial decisions, easier access to information and increased affordability. Therefore, the desire to travel solo or in women only groups has made it to the bucket list of a lot of women.

Women find travel empowering and liberating. Elizabeth Gilbert’s immensely successful book, ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ was enlightening, in the sense that it redefined the purpose of a woman’s travel. From mother-daughter getaways to bachelorette parties to detox getaways, women are willing to push the envelope of travel in return for unique experiences. Figures indicate that the number of women embarking on business trips have doubled over the last decade or so. Subsequently, the number of travel providers offering their services exclusively to women has increased, not to forget the umpteen services offered by hoteliers to entice the millennial female solo traveller.

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