The Queen Just Fired The Royal Bra-Fitter! Here Are All The Titillating Details Everything you’re dying to know about this intimate royal scandal. by Courtney Shea Updated Jan 17, 2018

The queen fired royal bra fitter

It’s true the upcoming royal wedding (Meghan and Harry) and royal baby (Wills and Kate) have been providing plenty of juicy royal headlines, but the latest can’t-miss scuttlebutt out of Buckingham Palace is about a matter Her Majesty holds close to the chest. On Wednesday, the BBC broke the news that the Queen has recently fired her royal bra fitter after almost 60 years of service. Why? What happened? And what the heck is a royal bra-fitter? Read on to find out.

Wait, since when does the queen have a royal bra-fitter?

While not quite an official title, the position of “royal corsetiere” has been held by the luxury lingerie shop Rigby & Peller since 1960, when the Queen sought out their services. (Fans of The Crown know a properly fitting bra is just the sort of practical matter QE2 would take seriously.) British businesswoman June Kenton became the keeper of the royal cleavage in 1980 when she and her husband purchased R&P, though the Queen’s patronage was not a condition of sale. Denton had to visit Buckingham Palace to perform a fitting — a test she presumably passed with flying colours since she has been fitting the Queen’s bras ever since.

So when did things go south?

Last spring, Denton released Storm in a D-Cup, a memoir detailing her journey from humble beginnings to lingerie tycoon, with clients ranging from actual royals (Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice are also R&P girls) to Hollywood royals like Gwyneth to Gaga. The book didn’t get a ton of attention when it came out, but as of yesterday it is the presumed reason that Rigby & Peller has been stripped of its Royal Warrant, ie: the royal relationship has been terminated.

Read the entire article here:


Maybe the Queen needs a Brave Betty Travel Bra!?

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