Solo Traveler Shares New Research on Solo Female Travel


Solo Traveler

TORONTO, Feb. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Women dominate solo travel in a 63/36 split. The Solo Travel Society on Facebook has over 225,000 fans and 63% of them are women. A survey found that 65% of US women are taking vacations without their partners. This is consistent with the travel experiences of Janice Waugh, publisher of Solo Traveler. “I see women traveling solo far more often than men,” she said. “In one case, I was on a train in India and, randomly, there were four female solo travelers in one row: a Brit, a Canadian, and two Americans.”

Why do women travel solo more than men?
Posing this question to the members of the Solo Travel Society resulted in a variety of answers:

  • There are more times in a woman’s life when responsibilities are restrictive. Solo travel offers a break.
  • Women are more adventurous than men.
  • Women are more comfortable being on their own.

Mintel’s Single Lifestyles UK 2017 Report might also give us a hint about why more women travel solo. It reports that “61% of single women say they are happy with their relationship status, compared to only 49% of single men.” It may be as simple as the fact that women are more content on their own but it seems that “a break” is a big issue as well.

read the full article here:

“I have been travelling solo for over 20 years now – how about you?”  Brave Betty

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