150 Storeys High, This Record-Setting Canadian Slackliner Defies Gravity — And Fear

I love hearing about fearless brave women!

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Wearing a yellow dress and black pumps taped to her feet, Mia Noblet steps out onto a 70-metre-long slackline, high above the Zhangjiajie National Forest in China. Twenty-two minutes and 36 seconds later, she makes it back onto solid ground, where she’s met with a barrage of cameras hoping to capture the moment for Chinese TV.

Terrifying as it is to watch her so high up, her biggest challenge was the footwear. “They were like, ‘Can you walk the highline in high heels?’ I was like, ‘No, I don’t walk in high heels on the ground,’” Noblet — who typically slacklines barefoot — said.

That was just the most recent high-profile walk for Noblet, who holds the world record for women’s highlining (which is measured by distance walked). Slacklines are, as their name implies, a more flexible version of a tightrope — what’s most frightening about watching Noblet (apart from the epic drop) is seeing her constantly right her balance against a bouncing line. Slackliners rig a flat webbing (instead of the wire cable used for tightropes) between two points. You’ve likely seen someone trying a line tied between two trees in a park; when the line is rigged high enough to be dangerous, it becomes the extreme sport known as highlining. (Most highliners, including Noblet, walk with a safety harness leashed to the slackline, though there are those who are free-solo walkers, who walk without harnesses.) On April 21 this year, Noblet broke her own previous world record when she walked a 614-metre long highline, 450 metres — or 150 storeys — above the Canion do Espraiado in Brazil.

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Would you attempt this? I know I wouldn’t!

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